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Elect John Bertrand

For Guelph Council Ward 3

         I was raised with three siblings and was taught at a young age by my parents that if you want something in life, you have to work hard for it. So that's what I did. As the years went by, I worked in restaurant, the factory industry and even owned a packaging company, never wavered in my resolve to become the best version of myself with each career move. I made a move into the real estate industry over ten years ago when I realized after buying my first home, that being a real estate agent isn't about sales, but actually more about mentoring, advising and helping people achieve their goals while they also build wealth for their future. I live in Ward 3 with my wife and two girls. 




Why I'm running


I decided to run for council, because I care deeply about Guelph and my community. With all the history, social and cultural diversity, there's no place like our beautiful city. But there's work to be done. We must build a safer, more sustainable and affordable future for our children. I would love to be the voice of all the great people who share my love for this city. I will listen and fight for what's important to you. 

As a father currently trying to set my daughters up for their future I’m seeing that affordability is becoming a huge problem. My goal is to raise my daughters to be strong, confident and independent women. We’re already seeing that more and more of the young adults are dependent on their parents as they enter adulthood.


This election, we need to vote for the candidates who can work collaboratively with each other and get the results our city is asking from us. As a Realtor, this is what I do on a regular basis. We have to come up with win-win solutions for our clients. I have to find ways to work together with other Realtors to achieve our clients goals.

I stand for trust, honesty and integrity.

Save the Date!

The 2022 Guelph municipal election will be held on October 24th.


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